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Trust and Accountability for Digital Supply Chains

Bridge the Trust Gap with RKVST Zero Trust Fabric

Bridge the Trust Gap with RKVST

Traditional security approaches can’t keep pace with digitally transformed business. Trust but verify isn’t enough. Stale audits, newly-discovered vulnerabilities and handling mistakes erode trust daily. Crucial security and operating data is locked away in silos even though supply chains and businesses are more connected than ever.

This is the Trust Gap. It’s holding back business and it’s getting wider. 

Recent advances in technology including distributed ledgers and cloud computing promise much to close the Trust Gap, but often require significant upheaval of existing software, systems, and processes.

RKVST’s Zero Trust Fabric approach empowers enterprises with the benefits of DLT and trustworthy supply chain visibility through a simple agentless API that integrates easily with existing software, systems, and security policies, enabling you to continuously verify then trust data that originates outside your domain of control before making critical decisions.

If you rely on shared data with your supply chain partners you need a zero trust fabric. If you want the benefits of disruptive tech without the disruption, you need RKVST.

Key Features

Together they create RKVST’s zero trust fabric


Proof of origin and life history. Continuously capture the full lineage and pedigree of assets.

Help your users identify the who, what, and when of ownership, maintenance, audits, and change approval for critical assets.


Producers can precisely control information flows to the right users at the right time – inside and outside your organization.

Put your business users in control of sharing policies.


An unbreakable chain of evidence is preserved for all stakeholders.

Continuous assurance and reliable access to data enables faster, more confident critical decisions.

RKVST in the Real World

From tracking software supply chain lifecycles to digitizing nuclear waste handling, RKVST is a powerful tool that builds trust in multi-party processes when it’s critical to have high assurance in data for confident decisions.

Get Free Access to See For Yourself

Achieve provenance, governance, and immutability for your shared data with none of the costs, distractions and diversions.

Developer Resources

RKVST is first-and-foremost a developer platform, designed as a fabric to connect together your applications and services with all the benefits of Zero Trust principles — without the pain.

All the features of RKVST are available as low-code REST APIs or no-code YAML so that you can seamlessly integrate with all your software and digital processes.

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