Start authenticating data with RKVST

Provenance powered by blockchain

Prove and verify the provenance and authenticity of any data, anywhere,
without the need to change your existing processes or systems… unless you want to!

Data provenance with a simple API

Add integrity, transparency and trust to any data. The RKVST platform easily connects with existing data stored on-premises or in the cloud, enabling partners and customers to instantly prove the right data is in the right hands.

  • Prove origin of digital and physical assets
  • Create a record of who did what when to any asset
  • Permissioned multi-party visibility of supply chain data

Data Provenance with a simple API

RKVST in the Real World

From authenticating the provenance of carbon offsets to tracking nuclear waste, RKVST is a powerful tool that instantly verifies the origin and integrity of data.

Discover RKVST for yourself

Achieve provenance, governance, and immutability for your shared data with none of the costs, distractions and diversions.