Continuous Assurance Infostructure for Your Shared Data and Assets.

RKVST instantly proves who did what when to bring confidence in critical decisions.

RKVST Explained in One Minute

Who Uses RKVST?

Businesses increasingly use external data to make critical decisions.

The wrong data leads to bad decisions that import risk, impair reputation, and imperil revenue.

Can you instantly answer who did what when?

RKVST is infostructure that unites developers and business users in assuring shared data drives the right critical outcomes.

Key Features


Proof of origin and life history. Continuously capture the full lineage and pedigree of assets.

Help your users identify who owns, maintains, audits, and approves changes to critical assets.



Producers can precisely control information flows to the right users at the right time – inside and outside your organization.

Put your business users in control of sharing policies.


An unbreakable chain of evidence is preserved for all stakeholders.

Continuous assurance enables faster critical decisions.

API Single Line of Code

Low Code Integration

Publish or subscribe your data with RKVST in a single line of code using familiar REST APIs.

Connect any application data, secure access with cloud identity, assure it with ease. You don’t need to be a cryptography expert to use it.

Get Free Access to see for yourself.

Achieve provenance, governance, and immutability for your shared data with none of the costs, distractions and diversions.