A traditional archive

Archivist | ˈɑːkɪvɪst | noun

A person who organized, preserved, and governed access to significant records for posterity.


RKVST | ˈɑːkɪvɪst  | noun

The archivist-as-a-service for continuous assurance of the digital supply chain for prosperity.

RKVST Zero Trust Fabric instantly proves who did what when, to bring confidence in critical business decisions.

RKVST reduces risk in critical decisions by delivering data you can rely on with none of the costs, distractions, and diversions of setting up your own crypto infrastructure.

Continuous Assurance with Provenance, Governance, & Immutability

Get Free Access to See For Yourself

Achieve provenance, governance, and immutability for your shared data with none of the costs, distractions and diversions.

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