How It Works

Zero Trust operations delivered through strong provenance and the power of knowing who did what when.

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The Power of RKVing

Trust is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has different priorities and different risk appetites. Every decision has to be made in the context of the moment. But one thing is common: all judgments are improved if they can rely on strong historical data.

By keeping a complete and untampered record of “who did what when”, RKVST™ journals the life history of shared assets and attests to their provenance to enable all stakeholders in connected processes to make their own unique risk calculations.

Control in the Right Hands

Traditional data security products often overlap business and technical concerns, forcing business stakeholders to learn data and programming concepts and developers to take more than reasonable responsibility for encoding business rules in code.

RKVST sets both stakeholders free by providing a simple set-once policy definition interface for business and compliance teams, and a powerful write-once REST interface that allows software integration teams to read and write the data they need without having to worry about data availability, distribution policies, or hard details of cryptography.

One API, Flexible Data Protection

Crucial to maintaining faith in integrity, transparency and trust systems is the concept of immutability: once something has been said it can’t be un-said; once accountable, always accountable.

As part of its hybrid architecture RKVST uses blockchain to ensure immutability of supply chain history, and gives you the tools you need to ensure that nothing you see has been modified, back-dated, or shredded, even by the RKVST service itself.

Achieving this immutability with blockchain would traditionally involve a complex set of trade-offs between cost, speed, and size of transactions, but RKVST makes that easy by having flexible options to suit most situations, all through the same API: from fine-grained individual transactional protection to high-efficiency batching and anchoring.

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