Pricing and scaling options to suit all needs for a simple monthly subscription

Free forever. Powerful Upgrade Options. One Monthly Fee.


  • 3 Human Users
  • 2 API Users
  • 50 Assets
  • 25 Attestation Assets
  • 100MB rich evidence
  • Complete API access
  • Web & Mobile UI
  • Community integrations
  • Community Support
  • Blockchain anchoring


  • 10 Human Users
  • 5 API Users
  • 250 Assets
  • 100 Attestation Assets
  • 1GB rich evidence
  • Complete API access
  • Web & Mobile UI
  • Community integrations
  • Standard Customer Support
  • Blockchain anchoring + transactional immutability
  • Basic compliance
  • Verified name


  • Unlimited Human Users
  • Unlimited API Users
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Unlimited Attestation Assets
  • 10GB+ rich evidence
  • Complete API access
  • Web & Mobile UI
  • Advanced integrations
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Blockchain anchoring + transactional immutability
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Verified name
  • Enhanced SLAs
  • Region and blockchain network options
  • Corporate Single Sign On

Have specific needs? Drop us a line.

Pricing FAQs


If you find you need more functionality or higher limits than your subscription offers, simply get in touch with us to discuss tailored upgrade pricing.

If you find you don’t need all the capabilities of your current tier please call us to discuss your needs. Of course you may lose access to certain features or have reduced capacity but we’ll do our best to offer you a graceful path to the best value subscription for you.

Of course we’d be very sad to see you go, and so will your value chain partners! But if you want to leave, you can.

At that point you will lose access to your tenancy and will no longer be able to view or modify your Assets, or manage the Access Policies that govern sharing of them. Your supply chain partners will retain access to all those Assets strictly according to the Access Policies in force at the point that you left RKVST.

If you wish to take your data with you we do make it easy to download all your data before you go, in the same Assets and Events JSON document format that you used to put it there.

We understand. Trustworthy supply chain visibility is a very subjective thing and enterprises often have quite unique and individual requirements.

The Free and Teams tiers are designed to make it easy to get started and develop your solution, and run simple packaged use cases like SBOMs. As you discover more exciting uses for RKVST and outgrow those tiers we’ll be glad to speak to you about your needs and create the best subscription for you.