Share Software Bill of Materials

to Comply with the Executive Order

RKVST is the easy way to prove who did what when, to software.

Assured SBOM Sharing in One Minute

Software is only secure until it’s not. Users rely on suppliers to deliver safe, secure, and reliable software and services.

The Presidential Executive Order (14028) mandates a Software Bill-of-Materials (SBOM) for critical software.

The whole point of an SBOM is lost if you keep it a secret.

The NTIA recommends delivering SBOMs to the right people at the right time, never assuming trust.

Continuous assurance of SBOM components means tracing every dependency.

A tampered SBOM brings a false sense of security.

What is an SBOM?

A Software Bill of Materials is a list of components included within a software package. Available formats include:

  • CycloneDX
  • SWID
  • SPDX
  • Salsa

What Critical Software Needs SBOMs?

NIST has defined the following privileged software as critical to trust:

  • Identity, credential, and access management (ICAM)
  • Operating systems, hypervisors, container environments
  • Web browsers
  • + 8 more

How Do You Make SBOMs?

Software development tools can create SBOMs such as:

How Do You Share SBOMs?

Sharing SBOMs needs Provenance, Governance, and Immutability. Integrate RKVST in your software pipeline.

RKVST shares SBOMs to bring assurance and trust to software.

RKVST is the easy way to share SBOMs to comply with the Executive Order.

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